Why Us?

Julia Mallory Consulting, a learning and development company, specializes in the design and facilitation of leadership, management, and communication training. By combining theory with easily applicable methods, we develop practical solutions customized to suit the needs of working professionals and the demands of individual business environments.

Through engaging, interactive instruction, our team specializes in providing clients with the skills necessary for resolving and preventing unproductive behavior within the workplace. Corporations that have worked with us—including Fortune 500 companies such as Sony and Oracle—have reported a measurable improvement in retention, colleague relations, and productivity. 

Julia Mallory Consulting allows organizations a unique forum for the challenge of ineffective business practices and the implementation of fresh, innovative solutions. We offer customers an invaluable opportunity in today’s competitive corporate world: the ability to increase profits while emphasizing the importance of interpersonal skills and human connection.

The intelligence, flexibility and energy that Julia brings to her Leadership, Management and
Coaching engagements is unparalleled.  I’ve worked with her for nearly 20 years at companies
like Oracle, Salesforce.com and several start-ups; I continue to call on her expertise because
in addition to getting superior results, she’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

Samuel Herrick



There’s a big difference between training and learning.

We believe learning can be defined as a long-lasting change in behavior that’s the result of experience. Training is just a part of learning, just like a car is only a part of driving, but it’s not the full experience of driving. The full driving experience needs a road and other cars, traffic signals, pedestrians and much more.


True learning can only happen if the participants are given an environment where they can truly engage, see and hear the subject matter under discussion. And creating an environment where people can truly learn is what separates Julia Mallory from any other corporate learning company in the business. Contact us to find out more.