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I have worked with Julia for over 8 years, her training material, engagement with clients, enthusiasm for her work, preparedness for meetings and willingness to go the extra mile to make the training and coaching a satisfying and enjoyable experience makes her an exceptional coach.

The uniqueness of her training is not just in the training material but in the dimensions she adds while teaching. Julia is intelligent, perceptive, energetic and an absolute pleasure to work with. Over the years I have seen the product of her training and coaching in individuals that reported to me, and they have truly benefited from it, attaining the skills they needed to achieve higher positions.  I myself went through executive leadership training with Julia and have learned many skills which I practice in my current responsibilities. I continue to seek Julia’s expertise and input. She is by far the best management and executive coach I have worked with in my professional career.


Seema Kantak, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research, Nektar Therapeutics (USA)
& Managing Director, Nektar India Pvt. Ltd.