Course Overview

Truly powerful presenters are often credited with the ability to communicate and persuade in ways to which others can easily relate.

Yet for many, undiscovered distinctions in individual communication style can serve as obstacles to their ability to influence others.  This course will help us identify these habitual communication mis-steps, and develop strategies designed to help avoid getting stuck in a self-defeating communication style.

Class attendees will learn to overcome the Fear factor, to create an engaging dialog within the room, and motivate audiences to take action.

Whether sell to a new client, presenting technical research, or facilitating a staff meeting, an authentic connection with the audience can make the difference between being the “toast of the town” – or simply burnt toast.

To enhance the participant’s skill sets, this workshop will blend presentation tips and guidelines along with communication exercises and real presentation practice.  Within this segment, participants will present in front of small groups, receiving detailed feedback from the instructor, as well as from each other.  To ensure that feedback is constructive, participants will also receive instruction in how to provide feedback.

         Participants will:

All employees.