Course Overview

Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) Understanding yourself and others.  Get past the “alphabet soup” of the MBTI results.  In this module you will begin to understand how your “hardwired” preferences for gathering data, making decisions and relating to the world around you impacts your motivations, amplifies your natural strengths and creates areas for development.

Temperament Theory and PracticeHow can one letter in the MBTI make such a huge difference?  Explore the 4 working styles / temperaments based on the MBTI and determine your own personal “best-fit.”  Once you understand what makes you tick (and what ticks you off) learn to “de-code” other personality types and develop your own toolkit of understanding and techniques to work productively in the work environment.

The Communication ProcessIt’s how we get people to do something that we want them to do.  Understand how we send and receive communication, based on our MBTI and our personality type.  Practice “flexing” your preferred communication style to maximize impact and minimize misunderstandings.

Course Objectives

After completing the workshop, participants will:

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