Course Overview

Have you ever noticed how some people are really easy to get along with?  Communication with these people is easy – when you talk, or send email, they just “get it.”  Conversely, do you know anyone who just doesn’t understand?  They want huge amounts of detail that you don’t have, or they can be so vague you have no idea what they want, or they need to know the end result before you start, or they constantly seem to be telling everyone else what to do?  

Wherever we are – at work, home, or play – we’ re always demonstrating our own Interaction Style – observable behaviors that are our preferred methods of communication when we’re trying to influence others.

Many times our Interaction Style can create tension and conflict in the workplace.  To reduce conflict in a team setting, it’s important it understand how and why we communicate; first for ourselves and then for others.  By focusing on what it takes to inquire into anothers viewpoint and engage in a genuine exploration of the subject, only then can we reach conclusions and decisions.  

Interaction Styles: Making Work Relationships Work, will teach the skills needed for this crucial component of human relations and to have conversations that have the power to solve problems, build teams and generate new options.

Duration:  ½-1 day

Participants will:

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Any individual contributor, manager or team member that wants a framework for understanding themselves and other working styles.