Course Overview 

In a work world saturated with technology aimed at improving the speed and efficiency of communication, utilizing actual techniques and methods for improving one’s interactions and influencing others has become something of a lost art. “Influencing and Generating Buy-in” revives this frequently forgotten skill set, providing attendees with the tools vital to effectively and successfully influencing others.

This can’t-miss workshop employs the Influence Factor model in teaching participants the art of storytelling, using inquiry and advocacy, and addressing the unspoken political environment to shift their communication practices.

Influencing and Generating Buy-in aids one in influencing colleagues, bosses, prospects, and clients through genuinely understanding their needs, knowing the logic behind their thinking processes, and being able to alter one’s tactics to drive to the desired result.

During this interactive session, attendees will engage in activities that can be practically and easily applied to the workplace. Using relevant case studies, discussions and storytelling, we will solve “The case of the dysfunctional workgroup.” We will then analyze the events that might have led to their demise, as well as utilize film clips in demonstrating potential ways that our influence/communication practices can build alliances or elicit conflict.

Participants learn how to Develop influencing skills by:

Duration: 1 day

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Any individual who wants to improve his or her influence skills can benefit.