Course Overview 

According to the American Management Association, managers spend on average 20-50% of their time dealing with conflict.  Conflict, or the critical polarities and tensions between individuals, is unavoidable in any group setting. In fact, the culture of many organizations is defined by how they deal with such issues, arising from a variety of situations when individuals disagree on strategies, values, performance standards and working style.

However, it’s how one manages conflict that determines if these differences can lead to growth and development within a team or an organization, allowing people to productively reach their goals, improving relationships and saving time, energy and effort. Drawing on the widely used Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) participants will be exposed to a valuable tool for understanding their preferred conflict-handling modes, in the context of trying to fulfill their own as well as others’ needs. We will explore not only the range of conflict-handling modes available, but also take the material one step further in discussing how to determine which mode to utilize in a particular situation or when interacting with a difficult individual.

         Participants will:

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All employees.

Anyone who manages conflict or needs to have a difficult conversation.