You need a company that understands how to help everyone in a training situation clearly understand what it is they’re learning, why it matters and most of all how to naturally apply it to their everyday working world.

Where a typical “stick to the script” training company will march your employees through a rigidly-paced presentation, Julia Mallory teachers take a much broader view of the entire session, fluidly guiding and managing the learning process in a way that engages everyone, totally.

It begins with what we call a “Knowing it Cold” approach to the subject matter. We believe if our teachers don’t fully understand the subject, and relate to it in the same way as our audiences, then there’s absolutely no way they’ll be able to convey anything more than a cursory understanding of the matter under discussion.

“Knowing it Cold” is just one of the tenants we believe makes Julia Mallory the right choice for businesses looking to help their employees grow, innovate and stick with them for the long haul.

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